Remembering the King of Pop on his Birthday- Michael Jackson 1246

Michael Jackson

We know you’re the first to Jam at whatever point Thriller goes ahead and you’re a Smooth Criminal on the move floor… in any case, on the off chance that you ponder the King of Pop – reconsider! Here are some uncommon realities about Michael Jackson that you didn’t know before this…

Alright, we’ll begin you off with something simple. It won’t come as an unexpected that Michael Jackson is the most awarded artist ever. With 23 Guinness World Records, 40 Billboard Awards, 13 Grammys, and 26 American Music Awards, he’s won a greater number of honors than some other craftsman alive or expired. The Guinness World Records even made the ” highest-earning deceased artist ” classification after him!


2. Michael Jackson liked himself as Spiderman! At the point when Marvel Comics petitioned for financial protection during the 90s, Michael attempted to purchase the organization so he could satisfy his fantasy to assume the main job. Be that as it may, it went poorly plan and Tobey Maguire ventured up to play Peter Parker.

3. Ever the self-assured person, Michael Jackson would not let his fantasy of turning into a Marvel hero go. At the point when the X-Men film establishment was reported, he attempted to catch the job as Charles Xavier (otherwise known as Professor X). The throwing chief idea generally and this later went to Patrick Stewart.

Pepsi accident

4. We as a whole think about the flame occurrence that occurred during the recording of a Pepsi advert. His hair got land when a planned blast terminated too soon which brought about second and severe damage to his face and scalp. However, Michael Jackson wore wigs from 1984 forward. Talk has it, he even had his hairline for all time inked onto his head after the mishap.

5. While he didn’t concoct the move, Michael Jackson was best known for his moonwalk. As much as it appeared as though he could resist gravity in Smooth Criminal, this was really made by an extremely unique pair of shoes that included snaring retractable pegs with a space in the heels. It was so uncommon, Michael had the structure protected to prevent impersonators from reproducing the move.

6. Remember the staggering outfits in the Thriller music video? They were all thrifted from the Salvation Army!

7. The love interest for Thriller was Ola Ray, a Playboy Playmate who evidently attempted to suggestion Michael when they were taping the music video.

8. Michael Jackson was a major animal lover and his most well known pet was Bubbles the chimpanzee. The team strolled down red rugs, showed up together and had at a similar supper table each night. Bubbles was even instructed on how to do the moonwalk! Bubbles currently lives in Florida and has been there since 2005.

9. Ever considered what Michael Jackson’s preferred dinner was? Turns out it was Mexican! Like us, he couldn’t avoid a burrito and tacos.

10. Nicole Ritchie and Bee Gees artist Barry Gibb’s child Michael were Michael Jacksons’ godchildren.

11. Britney Spears was a major devotee of Michael Jackson and took motivation from the Thriller music video for her “It’s Britney, Witch” parody drama with Radio 1.

12. For reasons unknown, Billie Jean was really founded on a genuine story when an over the top fan asserted Michael Jackson was the dad of her youngster. Where’s Billie Jean now?


13. Beside his chimpanzees Bubbles and Max, Michael Jackson additionally claimed two llamas called Louis and Lola and a ram called Mr Tibbs.

14. Martin Scorcese coordinated the music video for Bad. Scorcese is most well known for his movies Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and The Wolf of Wall Street.

15. On the day Micheal Jackson passed away (June 25th, 2009) Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook crashed, all at the same time at 3:15PM.

16. This would’ve made our bills much all the more intriguing. An island in the Caribbean once made Michael Jackson stamps.

17. The inhabitants of Gabon, Ivory Coast gave Michael Jackson an imperial title – which successfully made him a ruler in the town.

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