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Why Breakphix is Your Ultimate Stop for Gadget Repair

Don’t let your life pause with a damaged gadget. Breakphix is one stop for all kinds of electronic repairs. Mobile, laptops, tabs etc. we have them all covered.

There is no denying that smartphones have made our lives much easier than before. Everything from scratch to win depends on the work done on smartphones, laptops or for that matter, tabs. Working without a device isn’t a viable option at all nowadays. But what if our day to day activities are disrupted due to damage, complication or some sort of glitch in our devices? Device issue can be in the form of depleting battery, unresponsive screen or app crashes, broken screen, issues with the camera/ change in camera quality, virus, keypad issue or any other internal/external problem. If you’re facing any of these issues, do not worry, 


Breakphix is here! For any device related issue or query, visit our website www.mybreakphix.com or drop us a mail at support@mybreakphix.com or call us at +91-522-423-7001. 

Breakphix is one stop solution for all your gadget repair.


We at Breakphix, as the name suggests,are a complete-one stop centre for all defective, broken or hampered devices, ranging from mobile phones to laptops and desktops to tablets and air conditioner. Our aim is to provide good quality service to our patrons at an affordable price.


Why you should choose us?

1. Our technicians are professionally certified and skilled to fix any internal or external issue, so you can trust us with your device.

2. We follow a “no fix- no fee guarantee’ policy. If due to any reason, the device isn’t fixed, then you pay us nothing. 

3. Moreover, we also offer air conditioner services like cleaning, fan repair or any issue related to fan and compressor or faulty power supply. 

4. In the past one year, we have fixed over 5000 tablets and phones and removed over 2500 virus and spyware successfully. 

5. Breakphix follows simple quick fix procedure without much hassle. You can either call or mail us about the issue and get a repair estimate. After which, we will collect your device from your home. You can also drop your device at our centre or courier it to us. The repair time would be depending on the nature of the problem. Although we aim to deliver it at the quickest. 

6. After the repair, in case you face any problem, we offer a 6 month warranty from the date of repair. 


Give us a chance and we will serve you the best as customers credibility is what we aim to achieve. Next time, in case of any device issue, know that we’re here! You break, we fix! For further information you can visit our website http://mybreakphix.com/

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