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Add a twist to the usual Diwali celebrations with these new ways

Each year Diwali is eagerly waited for and undoubtedly celebrated with great festivity. During this time of the year you get to see a vibrant environment all around. However, with each passing year we are losing the true essence of this festival. It has merely become confined to drinking, playing cards and bursting crackers. So this Diwali, how about you surprise yourself and the people around, by celebrating it in a unique way? Here is a list of things you can indulge yourself into this Diwali to make it vibrant and flamboyant as before. 

● Go Green- 

This Diwali let’s pledge to give it all back to the environment! If not make it better, then let’s not harm it either. We’re not naive about the damage firecrackers do to our environment. Not only does it affect the environment but the living beings around, so the least we can do is refrain from bursting firecrackers. To keep up the festive mood, we can plant saplings in and around our place. Not now, but a few years later, it will surely benefit you on one of the Diwali’s when you’d find it tough to breathe. To bring in the festive feel, you can celebrate it the ethnic way by lighting diyas, decorating your surroundings with rangoli, buy earthen lamps from the poor or NGO’s and so on. 

● Be a reason for someone’s smile- 

Every year we’re invited to Diwali parties and get togethers but this year, let’s turn the table. You invite someone- someone who is not as privileged as you. It can either be an orphanage or an old age home. If not possible, on monetary terms then spend time with them, as they are the ones who don’t have anybody around them. Donate things that you don’t use anymore like, books, clothes, accessories, gadgets, etc. It will not only brighten up their day but their blessings and love will stay with you throughout the year. This Diwali make someone smile and what better to ask for in return, but their blessings! 

● Turn on the snooze- 

Amidst the bustle of everyday chores and tiresome monotonous jobs, we hardly make time for our loved ones, precisely our family. It’s time to keep our phones away and what better opportunity to make use of this festival break. Take some time off from your phone (especially, SOCIAL MEDIA) and implement all those unexecuted plans you’ve been making with your family since… forever. Eat, laugh and celebrate together! These precious moments will make up for beautiful memories tomorrow. So it’s time to ditch your selfies and capture fond moments in your heart forever. 

● Safeguard Your Furry Buddies

Diwali inspires joy amongst us but at the same time, it is not the most sought after evening by our pets or furry friends. Lets make some effort to shelter the stray and prevent their abuse when the spirit of crackers overrides humane sensibility.

Spread the festive cheer with lights and love! Celebrate with a blast, but not literally. Wishing you a happy and blessed Diwali! 

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