Lucknow is Choking at the Air Quality. Here are some tips to stay safe 1940


Amaa yaar Lucknow aake muskuraiye na ki… khasiye!

Apparently, Lucknow has not been waking up to ‘muskurahat’ but choking, cough and itchiness. The AQI mark in Lucknow crossed 400 and the air quality has gone from bad to worse. Senior citizens to teens or for that fact, even kids, every age group is in the grip of the adverse environmental impact that has set in.
The air that we are inhaling is full of toxicity and even if we want to avoid this detrimental impact, we somehow can’t, all thanks to our activities in the name of entertainment, commercialization, and development!
The damage has been done but the least we could do now is to not make it worse.

Hence, we bring to you some tips and tricks that will keep your health check in control and make you last a little longer.
● Avoid going out if not necessary. If you do, make sure to use an N95 mask. The least it would do is prevent direct exposure to the noxious air.
● Encourage car pools, public transport or prefer to walk for short distances. Vehicular exhaust is a major contributor to air pollution.
● Stay hydrated at all times. Water is known to flush out toxins from your body and this is the time it needs to be done even more often.
● All you health freaks…. skip your workouts for now. However, if you still want to check the pollution forecast before stepping out. It’s at a peak between 5- 7 a.m and in the evening. Try working out at home. Avoid exercising/going out for a walk near high-traffic areas.
● Increase the use of herbal items like jaggery, tulsi (basil) and Haldi (turmeric).
● Smoker friends, take this as a perfect opportunity to cut down on cigarettes. Just FYI, the environment has toxicity equivalent to smoking almost 30 cigarettes per day.

Although the AQI (Air Quality Index) mark has been comparatively lower but the danger is still not averted. Plant more trees, use less air conditioner and avoid the usage of chemical sprays. Your tad bit can really make a difference! If you face any difficulty in breathing, skin allergy or itching or dryness, consult a doctor. Lucknow breathes of the smell of ‘kebabs’ and the essense of ‘nawabs’, and let’s keep its aura intact! Stay Safe!
“Gholkar zeher khud ki hawao me…..
Har shakhs muh chupaye ghum raha hai…..” -Raahi

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