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All you lovely brides-to-be, your big day is just around the corner!!! The day you’ve waited for since you were a little girl, would soon be near. For the extra glow that you can’t afford to miss out on, we have come up with a few tips and tricks before the wedding shenanigan begins. 

Every bride wants to be the star of her wedding as all eyes would be on her. However, amidst the frantic schedule, one tends to go a li’l lenient on their health and skin regimen. Anyway, we don’t want you to fret over a hectic schedule or expensive salon where you’d be squandering your time and money both. A little effort and care are all you need and you’d be good to go! 

Starting early is the foremost hack. A few minor changes in your daily routine can bring about a great difference on the D-Day. Take a backseat from all the chaos and wedding jitters, it’s time to pamper yourself… so, let’s get started. We bring you to some basic and easy-to-do hacks that you need to start off 2 months prior to the wedding date.

  • H2O to the rescue-

It’s no mystery that water does wonder for our skin. It will not only give you flawless skin but you can feel an overall difference in the functioning of your system. Water is known to flush out toxins from your body. Thus, it’ll eventually it’ll enhance your skin quality and you can see the difference. Brides must make it a habit to have at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables with high water content. It’ll prevent acne, breakouts and dull skin to an extent.

  • What you eat, reflects! –

A good and proper diet can bring about a great difference. Choose your food palette wisely!!! Start following a balanced diet comprising of green vegetables, fruits, and protein. It’s time to increase your intake of hydrating liquids like coconut and lime water. Indulge in green tea or other herbal teas in your diet for a healthy dose of antioxidants. Sugar and carbs should be a strict no-no! For those sudden cravings, you can replace the junk with healthy and nutritious snacks like sprouts and fruits. If you binge-watch, stop right there! Also, it is equally essential to incorporate multi-vitamin supplements with your diet. Omega oil and glutathione are great for the skin and body. It is believed that glutathione when combined with vitamin C, results in a brighter complexion.

  • Nature nurtures- 

Usually, dead skin cells tend to build upon the skin and make our complexion look dull and lifeless. It further aggravates the problem of whiteheads and blackheads. Therefore, it is a must to exfoliate once a week. You can either buy a scrub from a wide range available in the market or DIY masks would also suffice the need of a great exfoliator. Natural ingredients like multani mitti, Haldi and ubtan work wonders for the skin. You can also make homemade scrubs out of gram flour, rice flour, or orange peels to exfoliate the skin. Make sure you start its application 2 months prior to the wedding and not keep it for the last minute. Use products that contain AHAs (exfoliating acids) as they help to remove dead skin cells. Soak in the purity and goodness of nature to prepare your natural organic DIY face masks & scrubs that best suits your skin type.  

  • Prep up your skin-

Don’t delay and start off with your facial routines NOW!!! The earlier you start, the better it would be. CTM routine is something that should be followed regularly, without fail. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin twice a day. Don’t forget to apply night cream or a face serum after you cleanse and moisturize . We often tend to underestimate the pros of a good serum and how much it can benefit our skin. Also, make sure that you apply a generous amount of sunscreen in case you are stepping out for the last minute hustle. You can also try using mud masks as it gives a sense of relaxation and increases blood circulation. Don’t experiment with new products at the last moment. 

  • Turn on the snooze-

We understand that wedding shopping and last minute preps can be extremely exhausting but do not deprive yourself of a good and proper 8 hours of sleep. Of course, you wouldn’t want dark circles around your eyes on the big day. Make it a habit to get in the proper sleep routine. Don’t underestimate the power of good sleep for your skin and a sound mind. It improves your breathing while you are asleep, keeping your nervous system clam which would further reduce stress. 

So, take a break from the hoo-ha of the wedding and start following these ASAP!! Hope these little tricks help you get the right glow and you make up for the gorgeous and glowing bridezilla. 

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