Shed It Off Before The Wedding Countdown Begins!! 1636

Venue, Check!! Jewellery, Check!! Guest List, Check!! Arrangements, Check!!

So as most of the things are almost done, it’s time for some self-indulgence and invests your time and energy into the pre-wedding workout. 

The big day, that you and your loved ones have always dreamt of would soon be near. Amidst the hustle, take out some time for yourself. There is hardly any time left to get back into shape and we suggest you better start off now. A proper workout routine would not only give you a toned body and a sound mind but would also prove to be a great stress buster, something that is the need of the hour! 

Before D-Day, most brides desire for a toned body and abs, to adorn that perfectly embellished dress, on which you have spent hours. Although a healthy bride looks uber-cute but just in case you want to hit and tone the right spots or shed off some extra kilos, it is always a smart idea. 

Each workout/exercise has its own pros. Apparently, a full body workout takes about 20 minutes depending on the exercise and how vigorous you are. However, for evident results, you need to be patient for at least a month. So, wait no longer and get on with these effective and quick exercises to suffice your purpose without even stepping out.

1. Skipping 

Skipping is something that we’ve been doing since we were a child. But do you know it can fulfill your purpose to shed off those extra kilos too? It not only leads to a healthy heart but also adds on to a beautiful body and skin. To be specific, skipping targets the belly fat and ensures that you don’t put an inch of fat before your big day. 

2. Squats

Squats are one of the most effective exercises that you should consider. It can be done if you have the endurance and the willpower to do it. It has been proven that a basic squat can very easily help you get rid of the extra calories you have put on. Moreover, you will be surprised by the change after losing out on that extra fat. 

3. Spot Jogging 

For your wedding attire to look as good as you, spot jogging can be the best option if you can’t be rushing to the gym last minute. We may underestimate this exercise but the truth is it burns calories at a much faster rate. Spot jogging is the usual jog but in one place. As the preps are almost over and being winded up, we are sure that the elders of the house must be advising you to skip going out to in order to avoid the tan. So in that case, spot jogging would be a hit.

4. Crunches

Crunches, specifically abdominal crunches can be an additive component to your workout regimen. In fact, it is an effective and good-to-go option for brides. The advantage of crunches is not just one. It works on your overall body shape, strengthens core muscles, improves posture, increases the mobility and the flexibility of the muscles. 

5. Plank

Plank are extremely beneficial in helping to lose weight. Also, it increases your energy, stamina, strengthens core stability, strengthens your back, works on your waistline and improves your posture. 


So, all the brides-to-be, there’s no reason to delay any further. Get, set, going!!! Make up for the gorgeous new age bride who is all about a perfect blend of contemporary and tradition. 

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