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Signs That Prove That You Are The Ultimate Chicken Lover

From thick, luscious thighs to succulent wings. Its the penultimate manifestation of joy for you. Chicken is what you live for and can die for.

Nothing gets your fascination like a well-cooked chicken dish. You are ready to travel across seas and realms to enjoy an incredible chicken dish.

The lust for chicken each waking snapshot of your life and even your fantasies. Here are 10 signs that you are an extreme chicken lover.

1. Your pickup line for a hot date is- “I know a place that has the best chicken dishes”

When your idea of a hot date is incomplete without a sizzling chicken dish on the table.

2. You like your date just like you like your chicken- Hot, Succulent and Satisfying

Savoury, sensational, and Sizzling. Just elaborating. Just different forms of love, the same satisfaction either way.

3. You’re more active on Zomato than Tinder

You never know, you might find your first love at the first bite in an utterly hopeless food joint.

4. Matching your favorite dishes is more important than matching your Kundali

Time heals and so does happy moments spent at the dining table. No matter how low your astrological compatibility scores are if you have the same taste choices, it’s a happy marriage.

5. You are open to Chick-xperimenting! Trying a new chicken dish when you spot one

You have infallible faith in the versatility of chicken. You can’t wait to try a newer concoction of chicken to add to your tase repertoire.

6. Your favorite diet plan is Keto

Being obsessed with chicken, it is more obvious than daylight that your default translation of Dieting is Keto where Chicken is the real deal.

7. You cannot imagine the Main Course without chicken in it

Unless you devour the smooth and succulent chicken breast or a wing piece in your main course, you feel like there is something drastically missing in your life.

8. Chicken is your idea of emotional therapy

When the going gets tough or when life gives you a hiccup, you believe in the therapeutic powers of chicken. It helps you think clearly and uplifts your mood.

9. Your favorite hobby is reading menus

You just hold the menu and read on the dish descriptions and its one of the second most favorite thing to do, counting eating chicken as your primary favorite.

10. You Play PUBG for Chicken Dinner

The actual obsession while playing this game is getting chicken dinner! The thrill is real, it says- Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

But guess what, Lucknow has its own phenomenal hub for all your chicken fantasies.- Its THE CHICKEN COMPANY, at Nirala Nagar, very close to IT College.


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