How to Successfully Transition Into Post Lockdown World 1064

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The country is opening again, people are back to their offices and are gradually easing back into their old life.

The world outside is very different than the world we left behind. COVID-19 has forced us to make changes in our lifestyle and some of them may be permanent. Post lockdown, the rules of life have changed.

Keep Yourself Fit

Physical, as well as mental fitness, is the cornerstone of your transitioning right now. Being inside the house can make you lethargic and undisciplined.  Try to regulate your life and follow a stipulated routine. Body discipline will go a long way in helping you ease back into the world after the Lockdown.   

Do Not Neglect Emotional Health

 Our mind may not be working at 100% capacity because these abrupt changes require good coping mechanisms. With restricted personal contact, one may experience loneliness and isolation. Avoid emotional distancing. Keep in touch with your closed ones and have regular conversations with people.

Building relationships and friendships without any physical contact can be a hindrance. Communication in this new world will evolve becoming independent of physical cues and we have to be ready for that.  

Welcome Back to Work


 Re-opening of offices will come with its own set of problems. A roster system can make your work from home and office simultaneously. New Zealand opened its economy with only four working days and that maybe the ‘new normal’.  Alternate working days, no vacations, parties, or celebrations may become the norm soon.

Life in Video Chats

Everything, from exams to weddings is happening on video chats. Travelling will get expensive and commute to work will not include public transport for some time. Do not fight the change instead try to accept it with an open mind.

Changing Priorities

A sanitizer, a mask, gloves, and one-meter distance are the essential items in the Post COVID world. Keep spare sets ready in your bags at all times. Their use should become a habit. Our food habits will undergo change too. Home delivery over dinners outside and home-cooked meals over takeaways is the future.       

Adapt, Adopt, and Accept

The golden mantra for a successful transition right now. Keep yourself focused on the positives rather than feeling nostalgic about the world as it was.

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